he smokes

Mike at Stihl, Inc:

“Hey that stuff works pretty good, I didn’t quit but I definitely slowed down on smoking”


Becky, a neighbor:

“I wanted to cut back on the sweets I eat at night, so I tried Krave Kicker, and it worked. I’ve cut way back and the cravings are barely noticeable.”


Business man:

“I travel a lot for business, and I’m a smoker. This is perfect for long plane rides, because I’m not feeling anxious for a smoke. So glad I found out about Krave Kicker and tried it. Great product.”


Energy drink consumer:

“I buy a six pack of 16 ounce energy drinks for my team at work almost daily, but we never finish them. It’s too much caffeine, so it’s kind of a waste of money, but we like the taste. Krave Kicker sounds awesome. We may need to switch to that.”


Another smoker:

“I work in a factory and need a bridge between smoke breaks, so I keep Krave Kicker on me and drink it on the line. It helps me focus and stay alert. We use our hands while standing up for hours, so Krave Kicker is a nice little reward, plus I don’t have to sneak out to the bathroom or outside to smoke, and risk my job.”

Testimonials Prove Krave Kicker is Effective and Lasts Hours