Add 10 YEARS to your LIFE on New Year’s Eve — QUIT SMOKING!


Begin by asking yourself, “why can’t I quit.” Go ahead, say it out loud once. I’ll wait … “Why can’t I quit” …  Okay. Good!

Now, YOU ARE NOT going to like the answer, but you ARE going to love the solution. That’s the difference between this method of cessation and all the others, you face yourself and you face reality. I did the research for you, so when you quit this time, you will know why you couldn’t quit last time you tried, or thought about trying, and that’s all the difference in the world.

See, when someone chooses not to do something, if they DON’T know the reasoning behind their choice, then the next time it rears up, they most likely will not make an educated decision, and that’s how people repeat the same behaviors and mistakes, over and over, and over again.

You see it happen with relationships, with food, with accomplishing goals, and with persevering in the face of adversity.

What’s your main reason or reasons for smoking, and why haven’t you quit yet?

How many of these look familiar?

It’s a break from work.

It’s gets you out in the fresh air.

Your life is too stressful to quit right now.

Your friends do it.

Your co-workers do it.

Your parents smoke, or your significant other got you started.

You are actually going through a breathing routine and a hand to mouth ritual that helps you relax.

The menthol ones help your chest and throat feel better.

It’s how you wake up in the morning (and stop coughing).

You need something to do.

It’s a hand to mouth thing, kind of like a snack.

You like the ritual of it all.

It’s legal!

You actually like it.

It looks cool.

It reduces stress!

You like sharing them.

It’s just the perfect thing after a meal.

It’s just a “social” thing.

You only smoke at bars.

You only bum cigs so it doesn’t cost you anything.

You just don’t feel like quitting.

You can’t quit.

You’re gonna quit soon, just not now.

You’re quitting to help out the people around you.

You can’t deal with the stress of life without cigarettes.

You quit and you’re celebrating with this last one! (this one’s a joke).

You have no idea why.

Wait, I know what it is … you never knew how to quit!

    Guess what … you’re about to figure it out.

Here we go …

Part 1

Face yourself …

bad pill

Gather up your problems, your enemies, and your fears, and flush them down the toilet. We’re going down to the basement of basics, to break everything down to its simplest form, so you can end the habit and get back to your healthy, happy life.  When it’s 3 a.m. and nobody is awake but you, and you’re looking in the mirror, wondering how everything came to this, you can smile, and realize, this is the first day of the rest of your phenomenal life without cigarettes!

So get ready, because you are about to learn THE SECRETS of the manufacturing process that the cigarette companies don’t want you to know. You’re about to learn the behaviors that have locked you into a scam. You are about to understand nutrition and exactly what your body needs to feel great and not crave another cigarette as long as you live. The information in this book comes directly from the 60 minute class and seminar, which is taught at public libraries and at health fairs and festivals all over the world. Once you learn 14AndOut, the knowledge can never be taken away. You can’t lend out the information and forget to get it back. It can’t be stolen from you. It’s yours for life.

Simply having the knowledge contained in this book is all a smoker needs to arm him or herself for action. There is no need to re-invent the wheel; simply read 100 pages from cover to cover and you can escape the nicotine prison for good. Plus, people who take the class, watch the video, or read the book drastically improve the quality of their personal and professional lives! You have already begun the process of quitting. You were motivated enough to pick up this book, and now you must finish the job!

Let’s pose several questions to get you started thinking on the right path, and then we will answer all of them and guide you out of the maze. For starters, how do you think the nicotine in a cigarette came to be 35 times stronger than it was just 30 to 40 years ago?  What in the world could cigarette manufacturers be doing behind closed doors to make cigarettes have this lethal effect? Isn’t it like alcohol, where you can look at the label and know what you’re getting? Who regulates the maximum nicotine content in a cigarette? What’s the dosage?

Answer: nearly all cigarette manufacturers use ammonia to boost the impact of nicotine so it is more quickly absorbed by the lungs. This process of converting the nicotene from an acid form to a base form is known as “free-basing”, and leads to a more intensely addictive nicotine experience for seasoned smokers, and a much faster road to addiction for a new smoker. In this chemically altered form, nicotine deposits directly on the lung tissue and is immediately distributed throughout the body.

This experimentation started in the 1970’s when Marlboro and Kool figured out that low-tar cigarettes had lower nicotine levels, which diminished the smoker’s overall “experience”, and so scientists figured out that ammonia would free-up nicotine molecules so they would vaporize more easily into a gas, and heighten the addictive quality of the more popular lower-tar cigarettes by increasing the “nic-fit” sensation by as much as 100 times. Marlboro and Kool enjoyed increased market shares and profit margins so much greater than all the other brands, that they almost put the competition out of business. Now it’s common practice in almost every commercially made brand. What a wonderful world of “customer satisfaction” we live in, huh?!

The dosage or “potency” of one commercial cigarette is actually more than 100mg of nicotine, but that potency doesn’t register on nicotine level testers because the “cancer stick” manufacturers use ammonia to turn the nicotine into a vapor, so this super-charged nicotine hits your brain in 3 seconds. Ever wonder why people have a certain “brand” they smoke and won’t accept others?

I had a friend who would walk around in bars trying to “bum” a cigarette, asking just about anyone he saw smoking if they would be so kind, but most of the time, if they whipped out a brand he didn’t like, he’d say “thanks, but nevermind.” He seemed so desperate when he was asking everyone, but I guess he knew certain brands wouldn’t deliver that “ultimate KICK,” and so he just wasn’t about the weak ones. Little did he know, there’s a lot more to the addiction than the nic-kick or the nic-hit, so keep reading.

More than just Nicotine:

There’s way more to the addiction you must learn in order to quit for good.

So many smokers in the world have quit, only to go back to smoking within 6 months, and most within the first two weeks, or “14 days.”  Why? Nicotine is only the beginning of the huge cover-up.

14AndOut exposes why cigarettes are so addicting. You see, Big tobacco wants you to believe that nicotine is all there is to it, so you’ll go buy the patch, or the gum, or get prescribed some expensive medication that is liable to make things worse. Again, who do you think is selling the patch, the gum and the medications with suicidal side effects? People go to electronic cigarettes to get off all the chemicals, but nicotine is still a trap, and it still screws up your health and your filtering organs. We’ll cover that later. I don’t want to say the same things over and over, but this much is vital to understanding how to quit for good, not just for a week or a month or two.


Understand the Big Tobacco scam and you will break free:

For most people, the pills, the patch, the gum, and e-cigs, they are all part of a scam to keep you hooked and send you back to square one – expensive and deadly commercial cigarettes (usually a pack a day or more).

Yes, I do understand and appreciate that someone you know may have used one of these methods to escape, but many of those people return to smoking later in life, and you may not even know. People are quite apt to hide the habit from everyone. There are “closet smokers” all over the world, fooling their families, their spouses, their friends, but NEVER THEMSELVES.

Well, that’s NOT where we’re going! We’re breaking it all down to truth so you can be free of the nicotine prison and not return to smoking as soon as the first stressful situation comes along. Take it from an ex-smoker, a researcher, a teacher, an investigative journalist, and someone who has exhausted all means to bring you the World’s leading Nutritionist’s advice for recovery and life-energy. When I was six, my mother and I watched my grandfather smoke himself to death. I remember him jumping rope in our garage a couple of months before it got really bad. I was so impressed. He had the will to live, so what happened? Lung cancer ate him down to the bone.

My grandfather was not a tall man, only about 5 foot 6 inches, but my mom said he weighed only 88 pounds when he died, compared to about 140 before the cancer. The doctor told him at one point that if he kept smoking, he would surely die within 2 years. He couldn’t quit. This was in the early 1970’s, when Big Tobacco had already started using ammonia to heighten the addiction. Though my grandfather loved his family and his life, he couldn’t quit because he didn’t know HOW TO QUIT.

I won’t let this happen to you. For every person I get to quit smoking, my grandfather’s soul, his life is redeemed a little bit more. This was my motivation; to create this all natural program, and teach it, and keep it up to date, and write about it as long as I live.

Understand this as the core reason 14AndOut works:

Most cessation programs fail most people because people have several different reasons why they smoke and why they can’t quit, not just one or two. It’s not just the nicotine! It’s not just because nicotine relaxes you or gives you a little “pep.” No other program in the world is unique in the way 14AndOut recognizes that this habit and its cure are personal and unique to every individual. There are mental, emotional, and physiological reasons people smoke, and there are mental, emotional, and physiological reasons people can’t quit, and that is exactly what we’re addressing now.

You can have all the motivation in the world to climb a mountain, but if you don’t have a guide and the right tools, it can be quite difficult and full of surprises. Quitting smoking is like climbing a small mountain, so you need to get your “mind and body” in shape for this.


Here we go!